Barnhurst Wolverhampton

Bulk Earthworks And Civil Engineering

This project is a major redevelopment of an old Victorian sewage treatment plant for Wolverhampton City Council.

This site had been redundant and unused for decades, this scheme will see it once again becoming a valuable asset to the people of Wolverhampton. This development sees the construction of approximately 10.8 Ha of new grass sports pitches which includes provision for car parking for 100 vehicles, 6 motorbikes and 12 bicycles, a perimeter walking/running/biking track, landscape works, drainage, pitch establishment. In the cut and fill operation on this scheme over 68,000 m3 of top soil and sub soil was lifted and repositioned around the site in only six weeks. During the cut and fill operation a Badger watch scheme was in place so that they were not disturbed by heavy plant during this construction phase.

Environmental concerns were at the forefront of the design to this scheme. All the drainage water from the pitches falls back into three collection ponds. A new nature pond provides a home for insects and invertebrates. Homes for birds were not forgotten as specialist nesting boxes for Robins, House Sparrows, Coal & Blue Tits and larger boxes for Owls have been erected across the site. Six Bat boxes have also been placed around the site to encourage them to roost.

In September 2014 earth works began for the car park construction, shortly followed by kerbing, and stone base for car park, before tarmacing. Following on from this in October the construction of the soakaways and swales to take drainage from the car park. During the wet month of September it had become evident that additional drainage work was required to the northern end of the site, a further instruction was given by the client to construct a new swale to northern end of site with headwalls and weirs, to help with site surface water in heavy downpours.


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