Burn Valley

Bespoke Outdoor Play Areas And Outdoor Gyms

This scheme was a flagship play scheme for Hartlepool Borough council. Initially it involved removing 175m2 of waste material to a depth of 220mm from the site, this was in addition to removing 865m2 of existing pin kerbs and tarmac.  Once the site was cleared the areas to receive the new wet pour were prepared with precast concrete edging prior to laying 440m2 of wet pour rubber.  

The whole scheme was designed to fit into the landscape of the park, importation of large rockery boulders and installation of log walling added additional natural elements to the scheme.  The CLS LE team worked hard to position all of the large rockery stones so that they blended effortlessly into their new environment.

In addition to the installation of the play equipment CLS LE erected 22 linear metres of bow top fencing to the site.  Sixteen different items of play equipment and a Teen Shelter were erected in this scheme including.


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