Teesside University - Southfield Road

Open Public Places And Park Restoration

A Public Realm Project for Teesside University and Middlesbrough BC

This project joins the long list of schemes undertaken for Teesside University by CLS Landscape and Earthworks (CLS L&E) on Southfield Road, Middlesbrough. This £1.5m project comprises of alterations to the existing Southfield Road ‘streetscene’ to create a more welcoming and pedestrian friendly campus heart within the existing University Campus.

The works include the installation of new drainage, granite sett and flag paving, new street furniture, street lighting and "gateway" features at east and west approaches. A new raised lawn will be formed along with small areas of soft landscaping and a new tree avenue planted.

Whilst undertaking the works CLS L&E are required to maintain pedestrian access through the site. This is a site where pedestrian flows are extremely high at all times of the day during term time. CLS L&E are also required to accommodate the movements of delivery vehicles to adjacent businesses and the University. In order to manage this CLS L&E have put in place a safe and robust traffic management system to provide safe movement for all users of the space.


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