Barnhurst Wolverhampton

Natural Sports Pitch Design And Construction

This project is a major redevelopment of an old Victorian sewage treatment plant for Wolverhampton City Council. This site had been redundant and unused for decades, this scheme will see it once again becoming a valuable asset to the people of Wolverhampton. This development sees the construction of approximately 10.8 Ha of new grass sports pitches which includes provision for car parking for 100 vehicles, 6 motorbikes and 12 bicycles, a perimeter walking/running/biking track, landscape works, drainage, pitch establishment.

Environmental concerns were at the forefront of the design to this scheme. All the drainage water from the pitches falls back into three collection ponds. A new nature pond provides a home for insects and invertebrates. Homes for birds were not forgotten as specialist nesting boxes for Robins, House Sparrows, Coal & Blue Tits and larger boxes for Owls have been erected across the site. Six Bat boxes have also been placed around the site to encourage them to roost.

Six Bat boxes have also been placed around the site to encourage them to roost. During the cut and fill operation a Badger watch scheme was in place so that they were not disturbed by heavy plant during this construction phase.

Following the cut and fill operations the ground conditions were such that a high content of large stone was evident.  We used the KIRPY stone crusher to break these down and work them into the soil.  Once this had been carried out the ground was re consolidated. A final pass with a stone burrier machine and a final grade carried out with the Laser-Grader.

The site was now ready for the installation of the Primary drainage system this was made up of over 21,000 metres of lateral drainage connected onto the mains drains which were installed during the cut and fill operation. The next element to the pitch construction was placing 25mm of sand over 65,000 m2 of pitch areas and ameliorated, before a final trim with the BLEC rota rake. The pitches were now ready to be pre fertilised prior to seeding.  The seeding was carried out using two different methods dimple and direct drill seed, once seeded a dressing of 8mm sand was applied and rolled with a Cambridge roller.

The next phase of the pitch works will see a secondary drainage system to install, which will be sand slits.  Maintenance will be on going, along with 3 separate 8mm sand dressings, over seeding and verti draining. The pitches will be ready for handover July 2015.


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