Natural Sports Pitch Design And Construction

In summary, this project comprised the following components:

The area of the sports pitches was accurately levelled with a CAT D5 dozer fitted with laser guided grader system to grade the site and it provided a surface that was level to a tolerance of:  + or – 20mm over a 3m straight edge.

Once the area was level the whole area was removed of at least 80% of stones greater than 25mm in the upper 50mm of topsoil.  After the initial stone removal, a secondary stone burying operation was completed to bury any remaining stones at least 50mm below the surface.  Finally the area was rolled to provide a suitable surface to enable the next operation.

Sand Spreading and final grading

A uniform 20 mm depth of approved sports pitch sand was applied to all of the graded areas.  This sand was worked by a trailed grader bar leaving the whole area level ready to receive the drainage system.


This scheme had the following drainage system:

Installation of 60 mm piped rootzone slits Linear m 22,640
Installation of 100 mm catch-water drain Linear m 390
Installation of 125 mm collector drain Linear m 270
Installation of 150 mm collector drain Linear m 200

Cross sections of drains



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