Gateshead International Stadium

Athletic Tracks And Infield Facilities

CLS Design & Build 'Athletics infield' for Gateshead Stadium

CLS has recently completed a major scheme to renovate the athletics infield at Gateshead International Stadium.  This infield is used for Football with Gateshead F.C. as well as field athletics.

This scheme involved removing the top 30mm of the existing playing surface using a KORO 'Fieldtop Maker'.  Once removed the whole site was re-surveyed and a redesign of the whole infield was proposed.  A team of Laser guided CATAPILER D5 and D6 completed the bulk earthworks to change the levels to match the new design.  This design change required the removal of some 2500m3 of material from the infield.  The only way out was over the athletic track, this was all carried out by the CLS Sports team without any damage to the running track.

This surface was now ready for the installation of primary land drainage.  This was installed accurately using a Tractor mounted laser controlled ATF Whizz Wheel 75.  During the redesign of the pitch, improvements to the irrigation were agreed and four additional fully automatic, 360˚, rotating and hidden sod cup sprinklers with a spread of up to 23m were installed.

In order to improve the flow of surface water to the primary drainage top drain slits were installed using a KORO 'Top drain'.  This machine installed the slits at 45O above the primary drainage at 500mm centres.  Each slit was 40mm wide and 150mm deep and filled with a specialist drainage sand.

The whole infield was now ready for a final trim.  For this part of the refurbishment CLS used the Laser-Grader.  CLS are the first contractor in the UK to have a Laser-Grader as part of their fleet. This machine was perfect for this aspect as it was designed with this close tolerance grading job in mind. Weighing only 1500kg and grading with 3mm of accuracy the machine left the surface ready to take the sports turf.


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