Kirklees Football Club - Soccer Barn

Synthetic Sports Pitch And Muga Design And Construction

CLS Sports recently completed a contract to replace the carpet at Kirklees Football Club Indoor Sports Barn.

One major hurdle with this contract was the access to the Sports Barn. The only access is through a pair of pedestrian double fire doors. The planning on this contract was critical, all materials had to be specified in such a way that we could a. handle them and b. they would fit through the doors. Some of the specialist machinery had to be dismantled brought through the doors and reassembled in the barn.

The contract consisted of carefully taking up the existing 60mm 3G carpet leaving the shock pad in place before laying a Playrite Conqueror 60MF carpet. After advice given by CLS Sports and in order to reduce ongoing maintenance costs rather than painted lines this contract involved cutting in all the lines into the carpet rather than surface applied paint.


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