Laurence Jackson Guisborough

Athletic Tracks And Infield Facilities

The construction of this new facility for Laurence Jackson School put many hurdles in front of the construction team from the start. The area designated for its construction was a section of an agricultural field close to the school.  However the access to the construction site was across two adjacent agricultural fields. A temporary haul road over 600m long was constructed capable of carrying the heavy haulage traffic.

The entire area had major problems with standing water which CLS resolved by designing and implementing a full primary and secondary drainage scheme across the full site so that the high spec athletics track could be constructed without the risk of future water issues.

The 4 lane polymeric running track with a 6 lane sprint track was constructed to IAAF and SAPCA standards.  In addition to the track sports, infield sports were catered for with the construction of a pole vault jump pit and cover, to the side of the track were a long jump pit and cover and a hammer/shot put throw cage.

Another substantial design consideration was that of light pollution.  The position of the track was very close to a major road. CLS overcame this problem through installing low level intense lighting columns which still achieved the correct level of light output and intensity for the use of the track.

Finally the haul road was removed and the whole area was returned to pristine agricultural land in time to sow wheat ready for the growing season.


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