Northumberland CC Cowpen Lane Pitches

Sports Pitch Drainage And Irrigation

The scope of works for this forthcoming project involves improvement works to two of the existing football pitches located set amongst other playing fields.

Protecting the public during construction is a high priority.  Before any work can be undertaken, a secure temporary fence will be constructed around the working area with safety warning signs to inform the public to the dangers.

Now the area is secure the grass sward can be sprayed off prior to stripping the topsoil and regrading the pitch to a uniform fall.  Once the area has been graded the topsoil can be replaced then the whole area will be finally trimmed.  
A primary drainage system with laterals at 5m centres will be installed and piped back to a newly constructed soakaway.

The pitches will then be cultivated and amelioration sand added prior to the direct drill seeding of a specialist sports grass seed mix.  Once the sward is fully established a secondary sand band drainage system will be installed.


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