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Synthetic Sports Pitch And Muga Design And Construction

Oundle School - Notts Sports

For the purposes of this project and to meet timescales and also to fit into the planning process and application period for the new pitches, it was proposed that this project would be phased with the first phase delivered to reconstruct the existing pitch (Pitch 2) by September 2014 and works to construct the 2no. new synthetic turf pitches to commence on receipt of planning permission.

Oundle School Sports Pitches - Phase 1 Now Complete

CLS Sports commenced works at the prestigious Oundle Boarding School in Peterborough in July to upgrade the existing hockey pitch and the construction of a new synthetic turf hockey facility as part of a phased programme of works.

The carpet chosen for this installation by CLS Sports was the Domo “Hockey Xtreme MDC Ultra” Sand Dressed Synthetic Grass which is a FIH approved carpet suitable for practice pitches and national competitions.

The design for the reconstruction of the original pitch included retaining the existing dimensions and reconstruction with a new base formation, replacement of the shockpad and synthetic grass with associated fencing and edge details.  To complete the works the team had to strip existing sand filled synthetic grass & in-situ rubber shockpad.  Once the carpet was removed the kerbs were stripped along with the fencing from entire perimeter of synthetic pitch footprint.

This now left only the original macadam layer to be removed in order for the construction to start.  The construction started with the regrading of the formation level before consolidating.  As this site was found to be extremely soft, CLS Sports proposed a change in specification to overcome the problem.  This consisted of a single layer of ABG Pozidrain (a combined drainage and geotextile layer) on top of this was placed a layer of a high performance load bearing geogrid ‘AbGrid 30/30’.  This geogrid was covered with 100mm of stone sub base.  A second layer of the ‘AbGrid’ was laid covered with a final 180mm layer of sub base stone.  This was then rolled, consolidated and trimmed before the installation of new kerb edgings.  Now the kerbs were in place the sub base was covered with free draining stone ready for the macadam base.  Once the macadam had been place an ‘in-situ’ shocked pad was installed ready to be covered by the Domo “MDC Ultra” synthetic carpet.  This project was completed as per the programme.

Phase 2 – Construction of 2no. New synthetic turf Pitches

As this phase will be new build, none of the ‘removal’ works highlighted above will need to be carried out, however a new build does have additional processes to complete before construction can start.  The existing turf will be stripped along with top soil as necessary and re-grade exposed formation level.  This topsoil will not go to waste on the scheme as it will be used to re-grade adjacent natural pitches at the school.

A sports pitch drainage system will be installed prior to installing kerb edgings, stone layers and the engineered macadam base layer.  As in the first phase an in-site rubber shockpad will be installed below the synthetic carpet.  In this phase the carpet chosen was the Domo MDC Extreme sand dressed synthetic carpet.  To complete the project perimeter fencing, floodlighting a new access drive along with car parking will also be constructed.


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