Redcar Rugby Club

Sports Pitch Maintenance

Maintenance, Drainage and playing surface improvements to existing rugby pitches

Pitch levels were not altered in these works. The main rugby pitch required most of the improvement works. The first operation was the installation of the Primary drainage system followed by the spreading and then working in of a topdressing sand. Once this was carried out a fertiliser was applied prior to the direct drilling of a specialised sports grass seed blend.

Once the sward had established, the pitch was de-compacted using the Weidemann 'Verti Drain' machine. Then the secondary drainage system in the form of sand bands were installed using the KORO Topdrain. Primary and secondary drainage operations were also carried out to a second pitch on the site. The pitches were then de-compacted on a second occasion.

A program of maintenance was subsequently scheduled including stone removal, rolling, mowing, the application of specified fertiliser, selective herbicide and also an earthworm suppressant.


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