The Bradford Academy

Synthetic Sports Pitch And Muga Design And Construction

Before work could commence on the construction of the contractors compound CLS Sports had to construct a temporary access road to the compound from an existing internal roadway.  Once the compound was constructed as with all schemes that require any excavation a full survey of existing services was carried out.  As CLS Sports were following on from the contractor who constructed the new school, the formation levels had to be checked for evenness and soft spots.

Once encountered, the soft spots were excavated and re filled with a frost resistant sub base.  All additional low areas were also filled with the same material prior to the whole area undergoing a ‘CBR’ test.

The area was now ready for the installation of a full drainage system with laterals, mains and inspection chambers taking surface water away to outlet specified by the client.  The next phase was the laying of 200mm of free draining stone sub-base and the installation of the kerb edging to the perimeter of the pitch.  The final layer of stone was 30mm of a fines free material, once the final layer was accurately graded using the Laser-Grader the sand and rubber crumb filled ‘3rd generation’ carpet with a pile height of 60mm was laid.  This pile height in combination with the base formation, allowed this pitch to meet the performance requirements from the FA for football.

In addition to the pitch CLS Sports were also contracted to install the perimeter fencing, 200 lux flood lighting scheme, supply and commission all of the sports equipment.  Upon completion CLS Sports contracted an independent test house to test the installation in accordance with ‘Sport England’ and the ‘Football Association’ standards.


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