The Charlton School

Natural Sports Pitch Design And Construction

CLS Sports have secured the contract to design and construct an U13-U14 Football Association (F.A.) Pitch to Sport England's 'Natural Turf for Sport Design Guidance'.

As a specialist sports pitch contractor we are able to undertake the detailed design and construction of the pitch for Shepherd Construction.

This (U13-U14) Association Football Pitch is 82.30m x 45.72m with a 3m run off to all sides.  In following the guidance set by the F.A. and Sport England CLS Sports will ensure that the levels across the pitch once constructed will be no steeper than 1:80–100 along the line of play and 1:40–50 across the line of play.

In order to ensure the ideal growing conditions exist an agronomist will undertake a detail survey of the soil conditions to ascertain the natural drainage of the soil and subsoil on site and the suitability of the existing topsoil on site for the purpose of grass sports pitches to Sport England technical requirements.  We will then level the site to +/- 25mm prior to installing the drainage system.

Once installed the surface will be cultivated, levelled and direct seeded.  Once fully established goals will be installed and lines marked.


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