Wensleydale School - GB group

Sports Pitch Drainage And Irrigation

Blyth Valley was looking to improve the drainage status of the existing playing field at Wensleydale School. CLS Sports won the contract to improve the drainage on the site which is poorly drained in significant areas, this is the result of a surface water drainage problem caused by the presence of heavy clay subsoil.

This scheme comprised of surface grading and the installation of a Primary drainage scheme into a Senior Pitch, a Junior Pitch and a Mini Pitch. Once the Primary system was installed amelioration sand will be added prior to final grading, cultivation, fertilisation and seeding.

As with all schemes of this type CLS Sports fully investigate any possible services in the ground that may cause issues to the design. In this project there was a rising water main under a section of one of the pitches. We therefore proposed a re design in order for the main to fall into the run off area rather than the pitch. This re design enabled the drainage system to be installed without crossing the delicate rising main. The installation was carried out utilising drainage and earthworks equipment equipped with laser grade control. In addition to this all our plant will be fitted with low ground pressure tyres.


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