Natural Sports Pitch Design And Construction

This project was a mixed sport and amenity one, comprising an area of approximately 7500 m2 of sports field consisting of 2 natural pitches and a training matrix along with 2000 m2 of amenity areas.  

The project comprised of spreading and placing of topsoil, grading and levelling to create a natural sport pitch and adjacent amenity areas. An intensive drainage system was installed in order to control surface water to both site areas.

The areas were first graded to a + or – tolerance of 40mm over a 3m straight edge before removing 80% of all stones greater than 20mm from the upper 50mm of the topsoil.  The areas then had 25mm of amelioration sand placed onto the tops soil before incorporating it into the top 75mm of the surface.

The areas were now ready to accept the drainage scheme which consisted of:

Piped sand slit design used at Wentworth High School

The project design by CLS fully complied with Sport England guidelines – Natural Turf for Sport 2011.


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