Campey Turf Care Dakota 410 Towed

The Dakota 410 is specially designed for the fast transportation & application of top dressing. It will handle both wet and dry materials, allowing light to heavy dressing. It features accurate and easy to operate calibration system.

Ideal for use on golf courses and sports fields. The 410 features Ultra Trac turf tyres, A-Frame hitch with adjustable height and dual spinner discharge system. Can be used to fill bunkers or drainage runs with optional accessories. An optional 15cm hopper extension is available.

Hopper Width910 mm
Hopper Length1930 mm
Hopper Load Height1270 mm
Spreading Width3500-13000 mm
Hopper Capacity0.63 m3
Tractor RequirementsVehicle of approx 20hp min with towing capability
Weight64 Kg
Hopper Depth360 mm
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