Campey Turf Care Imants Roto Sweep

The RotoSweep offers efficient removal of surface debris from sports turf, including cores, grass clippings, leaves and general litter collection. Featuring a dual powered brush system, even heavy debris can be collected without any damage to the grass. The RotoSweep is tractor towed, powered from the PTO and tipped hydraulically and the centrally positioned axles allow tight contours to be followed.

An independent floating scarifier attachment, the RHEA, can be attached in front of the RotoSweep

Hopper Capacity2.5m3
Height1450 mm
Length3200mm mm
Operating Speed0-10 mph
Tractor Requirements540 PTO. Double acting spool
Power Requirements30 - 50 hp
Weight650 Kg
Transport Width1900mm mm
Working Width1700mm mm
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