Campey Turf Care Koro by Imants Recycling Dresser 1600 MK II

The RECYCLINGDRESSER® aerates the underlying soil vertically and horizontally, removing soil from the rootzone and re-distributing it across the playing surface.

Layering and compaction are eliminated, biological activity increased and existing fertilisers in the soil are better utilised. The Recycling Dresser reduces the amount of new top-dressing required, therefore saving labour and material costs and promoting sustainable maintenance. 3 different working widths are available in the range.

Tractor Requirements540 pto.
Power Requirements45 hp
Weight1010 Kg
Blade Spacing300 mm
Number of Blades20
Working Depth100 - 170 mm
Working Width1600 mm
Operating Speed0.5 – 0.75 mph
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