Campey Turf Care Raycam Sportfield Harrow

The Raycam Sportsfield Harrow is a tractor mounted implement for aggressive surface grooming. It can be used on turf, for standing prone grasses, dragging out dead or dying organic matter, or creating a tilth prior to seeding.

The Sportsfield Harrow also has an application for grooming on hard porous surfaces and is also ideal for gravel paths where regular use will prevent the accumulation of moss & algae. This 3-point linkage model can be mounted on all compact tractors of around 25hp and above.

Spacing of Tines50 mm
Number of Tines33 double prong tines, interpitched
Tractor RequirementsCat 1, 3 - point linkage
Power Requirements25 hp
Weight120 Kg
Working Width2500 mm
Diameter of Tines6 mm
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