Campey Turf Care TIP Groom It

Groom It is a multi-brush system for brushing in top dressings on natural turf, standing up grass prior to mowing, dispersing worm casts, dispersing morning dew, etc. The Groom It can be either towed, with electric or manual raise, or it can be 3-pt mounted on a conventional compact tractor.

The drawbar or mounting frame can be easily  reversed to compensate for brush-wear. Optional folding wing-units double the working width to 12ft (3.6m). Wing units float to follow ground contours.

Groom it
Towing Vehicle RequirementsTowing hitch. 12v plug for electric actuator
BrushesBlack, smooth bristle polypropeline
No. of Brushes10 x 600 mm & 4 x 450 mm
Working Width Including Wing Units3660 mm
Weight159 Kg
Transport Width1830 mm
Tractor Mounting RequirementCat. 1 3-point linkage
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