Campey Turf Care Votex VT420 Vacuum Sweeper

The VT420 is a compact vacuum sweeper with a high tipping container of 4.20mtr3. With a low total weight and a low centre of gravity, it is ideally combined with compact tractors from 45hp and more.  The turbine offers lots of power, it is made of durable steel, and has a long life. The VT420 comes standard with a 1.70mtr vacuum funnel with a weight transfer system.

It is because of this system that the funnel is best capable of following the terrain without damaging it. The VT420 can be equipped with several options like a manual suction pipe, a scarifier and a flail mower.  With both the scarifier & the flail mower the material is collected in the same pass.


Height2300 mm
Length4750 mm
Tractor Requirements45 hp +
Weight1843 Kg
Working Width1870 mm
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