Campey Turf Care Vredo Compact Seeder DZ 218.075

The Vredo Compact Series seeder is an accurate and efficient range of disc seeders designed for overseeding golf greens & tees, sports pitches and other amenity grass. Seed is placed in a V-shaped slit, at a pre-set depth of between 5mm & 25mm deep, directly in contact with the soil for maximum germination rate. The slits are then closed by a compaction roller and a level surface re-established.

There are four different widths available, to suit tractor overlap, all 3-point mounted behind compact tractors.


Verdo Seeder
OptionsTowing frame / weight carrier / weights
Operating SpeedUp to 15km / hr
Tractor Requirement45 hp
Weight888 Kg
Overall Width1920 mm
Hopper Capacity180 l
Working Width1800 mm
Disc Spacing75 mm
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