Heras Sentor

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Heras Sentor is a freestanding intruder detection system ideal for providing semi-permanent security solutions.

Sentor is a self-contained battery powered system that is completely portable. It can be used almost anywhere, in all weathers to give instant security. It is a proven and reliable stand-alone solution that also has the flexibility to be integrated with your existing security to activate other systems such as hard-wired systems, security lighting and CCTV.Upon detecting an intruder a pre-recorded message will automatically signal an alert via radio message.

The system is perfect for events and benefits from a 360 degree dual infrared rotation that is tested and proven to be reliable up to a range of 80m.

The system can be deployed quickly, and easily with radio transmissions up to 3 miles.

  • 1386mm (H) and 370mm diameter
  • Weigh 16kg
  • Battery 12v 7.2Ah
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