Iseki TG6370 IQ

The TG6370 features an IQ dual clutch transmission that offers the control of a manual with the convenience of an automatic. There are 8 main gears and 3 ranges. Gears are changed by simply moving the gear lever through the straight shift gate. If ‘D’ is selected then gears 4-8 are operated automatically - ideal for roadwork or towing.

The TG6370 has a front loader joystick, draft control, up stop PTO and linkage up in reverse.

Tractor Specification
Rear Linkage Type3-Point Hitch
Fuel Tank40 l
Length3195 mm
Weight With Cab1645 Kg
Weight With ROPS1550 Kg
Height Over ROPS2585 mm
Power26.6 kW
Height Over Cab2290 mm
01642 488 328