Spider ILD 01 Slope Mower

The Spider ILD01 radio-controlled slope mower is the first of the Spider radio-controlled mower range for the professional maintenance of slopes. The revolutionary and patented drive system called the "dancing step" ensures excellent climbing ability as well as unique manoeuvrability.

Maintaining uneven and inaccessible terrain with ease, the mower can also deal with rough seedings, wild growth and unkempt grass.

The Spider ILD01 mower will find its place wherever you need to cut an inaccessible or unmaintained area. It is invaluable when maintaining ditches and slopes surrounding roads, for the mowing of fruit orchards and forest nurseries, landfills, areas around power stations, airports or mountain hotels, downhill runs and parks. Due to the unique drive system, it is also very suitable for the maintenance of areas surrounding water reservoirs, rivers, waterworks and dams.

It is designed mainly for professional use, but is suitable even for consumers who need to mow larger pieces of land.

Cutting Height30 mm - 80 mm
Mowing Width800 mm
Width1300 mm
Height850 mm
Length1300 mm
Weight278 Kg
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