Blec Vibra Sandmaster

The Blec Vibra Sandmaster de-compacts and installs slit drains in one pass machine, working effectively on all sports fields with very little surface disturbance.

This machine combines the Blec Ground Breaker and Sandmaster to produce a matrix of sand slits at 26cm centres with virtually no surface disturbance.

The unique vibrating tine system permits the use of damp or dry sand, gravel or various soil materials down to a depth of between 75cm-175cm depending on conditions.

The Ground Breaker can also be detached from the Sandmaster in minutes to carry out de-compacting works separately.

The Sandmaster can be operated by one driver and a modern tractor equipped with a creep speed or hydrostatic drive transmission with 1 double acting spool valve.

Transportation is made easy by the use of hydraulic lifting cylinders mounted to the front and rear of the machine. 

Sandmatic and Sandmaster
Recommended Tractor Size40 hp
Maximum Band Depth200 mm
Band Spacing260 mm
Band Width15 - 20 mm
Working Width1500 mm
Hopper Capacity1000 - 1250 Kg
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