Our Artificial Pitch Design

At CLS Sports, we understand how difficult it can be deciding between our multitude of artificial pitch options. The whole process can sometimes be daunting, as there are many artificial football pitch design and construction choices, from painted macadam surfaces, to 3G turf pitches. Because of this, we strive to make the synthetic pitch design process as seamless as possible, all the while paying close attention to your needs from the outset.

As it's so important to get the design aspect right in the creation of artificial grass pitches, we provide planning and funding advice so you can make informed decisions on the best synthetic pitches - whether for rugby, football, cricket, hockey or tennis settings.

What Steps Are Involved In Synthetic Pitch Design?

When you have picked your choice of surface which is best suited to your sport, we'll conduct preliminary investigations which ensure the right location, site and surroundings are in place. Whilst we can't usually change the pitch location, we make sure all costs are clearly outlined as some synthetic turf engineering is difficult to carry out, and depending on the site can make costs counterintuitive. For the artificial pitch design process, we consider:

  • Topography.
  • Access to the facility.
  • The drainage of the surface.
  • The electrical and water supply to the sports pitch.
  • The surrounding vegetation such as trees.
  • And the ground conditions.

Based on our findings, your requirements as a sports club, your budget and type of sport played, we'll plan a synthetic turf surface which has the right performance characteristics. Depending on the sport that the pitch will be used for, you have numerous options for how it's built. Shockpads vary in this case, as football pitches have different requirements when compared to hockey pitches for example.

What's The Difference Between A Pitch Base and Shockpad?


Subject to the location's ground conditions, there are two main options when constructing the base of artificial turf pitches: engineered or dynamic.

Engineered bases are made from open textured asphaltic concrete (porous tarmac), similar to traditional road construction. Engineered bases ensure a stable, regular surface and provide consistent playing characteristics needed for sports surfaces. Dynamic bases are a little different in their form, as they're constructed using compacted stone as either a separate layer or an extension to the sub-base. This base option is cost saving and hard wearing. They can also provide improved comfort for players if a shockpad is not installed.

What Is A Shockpad?

A shockpad is a resilient layer that sits between the base and the artificial turf, to provide players with better safety,comfort and performance characteristics. A shockpad is a resilient layer that sits between the base and the artificial turf, to provide players with better safety and comfort. When choosing a shockpad for your facility, you have several options which include prefabricated and in-situ shockpads.

Prefabricated and in-situ pads for hockey and rugby come in a variety of depths to meet a range of sporting body requirements. Thicker shockpads are best for high impact and contact sports like rugby, whereas thinner pads are ideal for hockey. It's important to choose the right shockpad for your pitch, sourcing it from the right manufacturer who's reputable. This is why we're dedicated to ensuring you have the right shockpad and base layer installed, advising you every step of the way.

What's The Best Synthetic Turf Grass Pile?

Your choice of grass pile will be contingent on the sport your pitch is used for. The pile is crucial for replicating the characteristics of natural grass, with options including:

  • Shorter piles with sand infill for sports like hockey.
  • Longer piles with sand and rubber infill, which is best for football as it mimics real football fields.

If you're in need of support for pitch design for your venue, whether a school or sports club, please contact us today for more advice and information on your available options.