Land Drainage and Attenuation

Today's performance and environmental sustainability requirements make it essential to have drainage work carried out by a specialist land drainage contractor. We specialise in providing highly effective land drainage solutions and systems to a variety of clients and can deliver the expertise and experience to ensure projects are completed within budget and on-time. 

CLS have a vast amount of experience carrying out land and sports pitch drainage installations and understand the importance of designing every system on a site by site basis. Initially, we would undertake a site survey to address the topography of the land and the soil makeup, which will then indicate the problems and any requirements to consider. Our highly qualified land drainage specialists will then put together a bespoke design, tailored to your site’s needs. Whether your needs demand a surface water drainage system or a more complex deep drainage system, we have the capacity to provide first-class land drainage design, management and installation services.

At CLS, we pride ourselves on our innovative and industry leading approach to land drainage and are able to install effective, modern solutions quickly and professionally. We have built a reputation for quality and attention to detail from project commencement to completion.

Water Attenuation, Conservation and Management

In addition to our land drainage services, Cleveland Land Services can also undertake a variety of environmental improvement works on both brownfield and greenfield sites. Having worked on naturalised landscape and environmental projects of this kind for many years, our fully-trained team boasts extensive knowledge of water conservation and management.

We design and install Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) which provide our clients with reliable, ecological and environmentally friendly systems. These systems allow us to provide a natural approach to managing drainage which prevents water pollution and flooding, whilst also creating green spaces and habitat creation for wildlife.

CLS have worked with the environmental agency on a number of construction projects, where elements such as; flood risk, ecosystem protection and contamination of water courses, were important considerations. Under our sustainable approach we can provide:

  • Detention basins
  • Rainwater harvesting systems
  • Swale construction
  • Soakaway systems
  • Deep drainage

CLS are also leading providers of natural and artificial sports field drainage. For more information please head over to browse our dedicated Natural Sports Pitch Drainage page.