CLS Sports are one of the UK's leading contractors for the supply and installation of cutting-edge synthetic & artificial tennis courts. We have the capacity to install a number of different synthetic surfacing solutions to meet your requirements and budget. We provide a best-in-class package that covers all elements of artificial tennis court design, construction and maintenance.

We understand the exceptionally high standard tennis courts demand and have constructed many top class facilities in recent years for training centres, schools, colleges and private clients. Choosing the correct synthetic surface for a court is not always a straightforward matter, and various surfaces offer different properties and levels of maintenance. Whatever your needs, CLS Sports can offer a modern synthetic tennis court surface to suit your club’s requirements.

painted madcam tennis courts

Painted Macadam Tennis Courts

Painted Macadam courts are a durable option, which are easy to maintain and will last for a high number of years. Macadam or Tarmac is a popular choice for schools, parks and home courts that offers great value for money. A colour coating can be applied to this type of surface to provide an improved grip and a more attractive design. 

polymeric rubber tennis courts

Polymeric Rubber Tennis Courts

This type of synthetic surface is made up of polymeric rubber/acrylic. The rubberised granules are mixed with a specific polyurethane binder and installed onto a macadam base. It is a high level playing surface that is hard-wearing and offers an amount of shock-absorption. It can also be installed in a range of colours. 

synthetic turf tennis courts

Synthetic Turf Tennis Courts

We have seen a significant rise in the demand for synthetic turf tennis courts over recent years and it has proved a popular choice for many clubs and schools alike. Facilities of this kind have the ability to be used in most weather conditions and unlike conventional macadam surfaces, they offer user-friendly shock-absorbing qualities without compromising performance.

The pile height of an artificial tennis court is considerably shorter in length than an artificial surface that would be used for football or rugby and the length that should be selected will be dependent on the required speed of play. It is therefore important we consider which synthetic turf is most suitable for your intended use. 

If you're looking to install a synthetic tennis court for your facility, then get in touch with the CLS team today!