Play Area Safety Surfacing and Impact Attenuating Surfaces

Cleveland Land Services have been installing play areas for over 20 years and are highly experienced in the installation of a number of different safety surfacing options and impact attenuating surfaces for play areas.

We ensure all the surfacing we install meets British Standards (BS EN 1176 and BS EN 1177) and the recommended guidelines set out by RoSPA, NPFA and CAPT. All our installations are independently tested by a certified, accredited test house in accordance with the methods described in BS EN 1177 and a certificate of critical hall height is provided. This ensures all our playground surfacing meets modern standards and have been correctly installed.

The type of surface selected will depend on the play area location, the play equipment, the critical fall height and the amount of time available for maintenance. 

Play Area Safe Surface Installation

Loose-fill Impact Absorbing Surfacing

Loose-fill impact absorbing surfacing includes natural materials such as sand, bark and wood chips as well as shredded rubber or other recycled products.

The area to be surfaced is firstly excavated and the relevant retaining edge installed. A geotextile membrane is then laid ahead of the loose material installation up to ground level.

This type of surfacing has good impact absorbency and is relatively low cost and quick to install. It can however disperse and break-down over time. Trip hazards can also be caused if the material disperses to a level lower than the ground level. If only minimal maintenance is available a loose-fill material not be suitable.

Grass Safety Matting

Grass safety matting surfacing allows grass to grow through the rubber matting making it a popular choice for many of our clients as blends into the environment. It is also a relatively low cost option. Soil conditions do however need to be considered as this may alter the suitability of this surface.

Before the installation of the matting the ground must be prepared to the matting manufactures tolerances and edgings installed to ensure there will be no trip hazards. 

Wet-pour Impact Absorbing Surfacing

Wet-pour surfacing is made up of a polyurethane resin binder and rubber granules bound together to provide a continuous surface free of seams or joints.

This type of surface is efficient in retaining its impact absorbency and is relatively long lasting, but the initial outlay is higher than the other safety surfacing options available.

Wet-pour surfacing can also be installed as a two layer system at variable depths to meet larger critical fall height requirements.

Synthetic Turf Surfacing

Synthetic turf surfacing is very popular with our clients as it is visually appealing, involves low maintenance costs and is resilient to vandalism.

As well as new play area constructions, this type of surfacing is also popular when refurbishments are required. 

Play Area Safe Surface Options

Depending on the surface installed, Cleveland Land Services offers a guarantee for wear and tear, materials and workmanship.