Football Pitch Construction

CLS Sports boasts a large portfolio of 3G football pitch construction projects, including both professional and non-league level football and community facilities. We have previously carried out 3G pitch design and installation work for Middlesbrough FC, South Shields FC, Bradford AFC, Doncaster Rovers and Norwich City. Our work speaks for itself.

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3G Football Pitch Construction Case Study


As synthetic turf technology has vastly improved in recent years, modern 3G football turf surfaces have become more widely accepted in both community and professional settings. There are many aspects of synthetic turf construction including drainage, base works, shockpad installation, turf installation, fencing, floodlighting and the associated landscaping works.

Each layer of installation provides various benefits which ultimately improves the playing characteristics for football, such as the turf layer which improves the bounce and roll of the ball. Unlike natural grass, artificial turf has either a sand or rubber infill to ensure the synthetic fibres are kept upright and the appearance of the pitch remains professional. Additionally, a shockpad installation can provide a protective layer for players if they fall during training or matches, therefore lessening the chances of bad injuries.

What's more, the technology of synthetic pitches allows for playing all year round. This is due to the drainage functionality below the sports pitch surface, allowing water to escape efficiently in bad periods of weather. Drainage coupled with a specialist base and synthetic turf has greater advantages when compared to natural turf pitches, because the likelihood of waterlogged grass is limited.

These are only some of many benefits that come with 3G pitch facilities. We pride ourselves in ensuring our clients have the best pitch and extra facilities which are tailored to best suits their requirements.

We also have the ability to carry out:

pitch markings,
surrounding landscaping works.

How much does it cost to build a 3G pitch?

If you are considering installing a new 3G pitch, the first question you will want to know is how much will it cost? On average, a full sized 3G pitch for football will cost anything from £450,000 to £800,000. With the average cost being around £550,000.

There can be large differences in the costs due to several variants. There is a lot more that goes into installing a 3G pitch other than the artificial turf. Factors which will affect the cost include:

  • Existing ground conditions and topography of the land
  • Drainage systems required
  • Sub-base and shockpad requirements
  • Synthetic turf system chosen
  • The surrounding environment and mitigation measures which may need to be employed
  • Ancillary services required such as fencing, floodlighting, sports equipment, seating, pedestrian paths and vehicular access etc.


The intended use of the pitch and the artificial turf system chosen must also be considered in great detail. For example FIFA Quality or FIFA Quality Pro performance standards require different artificial turf systems, or if you intend to use the pitch for rugby, a World Rugby accredited system which also involves the installation of a shockpad would be required.


How much does it cost to resurface a 3g pitch?

The cost to resurface a 3G pitch is usually between £150,000-£250,000. However, a full assessment of the existing base, drainage system and other civil engineering elements would be required to ensure they are suitable for re-use. In some cases, extensive remedial work is required to ensure the existing base will continue to meet the standards required for the lifespan of the new artificial turf surfacing.

Why Choose CLS Sports?

We have over 20 years' experience constructing synthetic 3G pitch installations, and have in-house expertise to offer football clubs a full package solution. We carry out all aspects of design work and construction to ensure we meet FIFA Quality and FIFA Quality Pro standards. Moreover, we have strong relationships with the leading synthetic turf manufacturers, which is what supports us in supplying high quality pitches and provisions for sports clubs.

Our artificial pitches are constructed to last for a minimum of 10 years and greatly reduce maintenance costs, no matter the level of the football club. Depending on your sports club's needs, we can cater for a wide range of requirements and have many options for your facility's pitch and surrounding areas.

If you'd like more information on our CLS Sports' 3G pitch services, please contact us today and we'll be happy to assist you.