CLS Sports boast a strong civil engineering background with over 20 years’ experience designing and constructing MUGAs (Multi-Use Game Areas), and our in-house team are highly prepared to deal with all of your MUGA design & construction needs. We have a wide amount of experience delivering cost effective solutions to ensure you can make the most out of your facility. There are many crucial considerations to keep in mind when planning your Multi Use Game Area; such as the type of activities your MUGA is expected to host and how often your synthetic turf surface will be used.

Macadam / Tarmac MUGAs

CLS Sports can install both dense and porous macadam MUGAs which are ideally suited to areas of high use and ball rebound sports such as netball, tennis and basketball.

CLS would recommend an open-graded porous macadam MUGA in the majority of instances due to its ability to self-drain when compared to dense macadam. This enables the surface to be played on all year around in most weather conditions.

Macadam MUGAs are generally installed in 2 layers, a base layer for stability and a surface/wearing course. Both layers are installed using state of the art laser controlled paving machines to achieve the required level of tolerances. Tolerances will vary depending on what sporting standards you wish to achieve, however CLS are well experienced and equipped to deliver the highest of standards.

To improve the aesthetics of a macadam MUGA, CLS are also able to install a large array of colour coatings.

Macadam and Tarmac MUGAs

Polymeric MUGAs

Polymeric surfacing is also suited to ball rebound sports, however unlike Macadam it offers a degree of inherent shock absorption.

The thickness and composition of the polymeric surfacing can be altered to suit differing needs. A thinner surface provides less shock absorbency and higher surface friction making it suited to netball and tennis, however a thicker surface provides more shock absorbency and lower surface friction making it suited to 5-a-side football, basketball and athletics training.

Again, a wide variety of colour coatings can be supplied to improve the aesthetics of the playing surface.

Synthetic Turf MUGAs

There are many different types of synthetic turf which are all designed and suited to specific sporting requirements. There are three main systems;

Sand-filled Synthetic Turf

This type of surface is a great all round, durable playing surface that can accommodate almost all non-contact sport at a non-professional level. The sand infill fills the whole open structure of the carpet pile which is short and dense.

Sand-dressed Synthetic Turf

This type of surface has a shorter denser pile than the sand-filled turf and requires a reduced amount of sand infill material, allowing 5-8mm of the fibres exposed at the surface. This type of surface is ideally suited to hockey.

3G Synthetic Turf

It is a long pile carpet that requires both sand and rubber infill to ensure the right characteristics of play are met. It is ideally suited to football or rugby as it is designed to replicate a natural turf pitch. 

Synthetic Turf MUGAs

As well as designing and constructing your bespoke MUGA, CLS can also provide sports fencing, floodlighting, sports equipment, equipment storage, dividing nets and ball rebound systems to allow you to make the most of your facility. We are a SAPCA Principle Contractor for the construction of artificial sports pitches and Sport England Approved Contractor for the design and construction of artificial sports surfaces.