Hockey Fields

CLS Sports’ extensive synthetic pitch design & construction portfolio includes vast experience installing modern, synthetic hockey pitches, accommodating all levels of ability and competition; including synthetic pitches to meet strict FIH regulations. Our experience and in-house expertise allows us to provide a full package solution, from design to construction, and caters fully to professional clubs, lower league teams, public authorities or private investors.

There are numerous forms of synthetic hockey surface; water-based, sand-dressed, sand-filled and multi-use short pile 3G. Each surface has its own merits and it is important all options are considered to ensure the correct surface is chosen. 

Water-based Hockey Fields

FIH Global, and Global Elite standard hockey pitches are water-based. This give players the speed of play demanded at high level hockey whilst also delivering consistency and high durability. 

Sand-dressed Hockey Fields

Meeting FIH National standards, the sand-dressed option is a great all round surface providing players with both speed and consistency whilst also maintaining a strong aesthetic which is less apparent in sand-filled pitches. 

Sand-filled Hockey Fields

Sand-filled pitches offer a lower budget option that will still provide a surface suitable to accommodate both FIH National level hockey and training sessions, as well unprecedented durability. 

Multi-Use Hockey Fields

A short pile 3G option would only be suitable for hockey training, however it can also accommodate football. This surface is particularly popular in schools and community pitches.