Synthetic Hockey Pitch Design & Construction

CLS Sports' extensive synthetic hockey pitch project portfolio effectively demonstrates our large amount of experience with installing modern, artificial hockey pitches. Our hockey pitches accommodate all levels of ability and competition and meet strict FIH regulations and standards. No matter the type or level of club, whether for professional clubs, lower league teams, public authorities or private investors, our experience and knowledge allows us to provide a full package solution.

There are a wide range of options for synthetic hockey surfaces, each with its own merits and suitability for different circumstances.

The Types of Hockey Pitch Construction

Depending on circumstances, the design and build of a hockey pitch can vary. Below are the types of hockey pitch we provide.

Synthetic Hockey Pitch Design
Synthetic Hockey Pitch Construction
Artificial Hockey Pitch Construction
Artificial Hockey Pitch Design

Water-Based Hockey Pitches

Water-based hockey fields fall into FIH Global and Globe Elite Standards. This type allows players the speed of play demanded at high levels of hockey, all the while delivering consistency and high durability.

Sand-Dressed Hockey Pitches

Sand-dressed hockey fields meet FIH National standards, providing an all round great surface. It provides players both speed and consistency which is imperative, along with maintaining a strong aesthetic which isn't as easily met with sand-filled types.

Sand-Filled Hockey Pitches

Sand-filled artificial hockey pitches are an option for clubs who have a lower budget. This kind of surface is still suitable to accommodate both FIH National level hockey and training sessions. It also boasts unprecedented durability.

Multi-Use Hockey Pitches

Multi-use fields have a shorter pile and fall within 3G options. These surfaces are most suitable for training, however, it can also be used for football. For schools and community pitches, this is the option for your institution.

Why CLS Sports?

Our extensive portfolio and wide range of specialised hockey pitches for clubs, communities and schools speaks for itself. Some of our most notable completed projects can be found below. 

We have the expertise to design and build hockey facilities which meet your establishment's needs, whilst still meeting FIH Standards.

Please contact us today for more details on our artificial pitch design and construction services.