Natural Sports Pitch Irrigation

With periods of dry weather, sports pitches can become increasingly difficult to play on. Reliable, regular watering is also essential during summer months, or if new seeds have been planted to ensure the continued success of a natural sports surface, such as a football pitch.

This is where an effective irrigation system comes into play.

What is an irrigation system?

An irrigation system involves a network of pipes that carry water across a space. There can be a range of different irrigation systems that best suit the needs of a particular sports pitch. From mini sprinklers to pop up sprinklers, we’ve got you covered.

Installation of irrigation systems should be considered when carrying out any natural pitch construction project. Our wealth of experience means we are able to install a wide variety of irrigation systems to suit a range of requirements and budgets.

We install irrigation systems for football pitches, rugby pitches, cricket grounds, golf courses and water-filled hockey pitches.

Our team takes pride in installing the highest quality irrigation systems and have extensive experience installing manual hose point systems, drip systems and travelling sprinkler systems through fully automated and computer-controlled systems.

We supply innovative solutions that incorporate the latest efficiencies in controlling and distributing water to ensure no resources are wasted.

Looking to install an effective irrigation system for your sports or football pitch? Then get in touch with the team here at CLS Sports today.

Natural sports pitch irrigation