Synthetic Sports Pitch Maintenance

There are many misconceptions that synthetic surfaces require little or no maintenance, however to ensure the longevity and performance of your synthetic pitch a bespoke maintenance regime should be established from day one. CLS Sports offers a range of artificial turf maintenance services tailored to your facility. These are dependent on pitch usage, the nature of the sport played and the type of synthetic turf.

Using innovative, industry leading machinery and equipment CLS Sports offer the following services:


Compaction can be a major issue over time if your synthetic pitch is not correctly maintained. If the carpet fibres and infill become compacted it can reduce the efficiency of the pitch drainage system and significantly affect the performance of the surface. For any club with a heavy amount of traffic, it's a good idea to keep an eye on this issue and have it rectified as soon as possible.

Infill Top-ups and Redistribution

To ensure the correct characteristics for play it is essential the correct infill levels are maintained. Infill will inevitably reduce over time as it can migrate off the pitch via player’s boots, maintenance equipment and windy weather conditions.

Uneven distribution of infill can also be a major problem. Our specialist redistribution machinery can ensure a level and even surface.


Using specialist brushes CLS can treat the surface to ensure the carpet pile is in a raised position and the infill is evenly distributed helps prolong the life of your synthetic surface and ensure decompaction of the surface is avoided. This should be carried out regularly, and even more frequently in the winter season when weather conditions are poor and snow & ice could build up and damage the pitch's surface.

Deep Cleaning

CLS can also offer a more comprehensive maintenance service by carrying out a deep-clean. This process decompacts the infill, extracts any contamination, cleans the surface and redistributes the infill. We recommend this process is carried out every year or every 2 years as a minimum. Our company will ensure that your site receives the best quality clean and regeneration treatments to have it looking as good as new.


As soon as damage occurs, it should be repaired as soon as possible to avoid the risk of slips and trips and further damage. CLS offers a full repair service for all types of synthetic turf.

What kind of pitches can CLS maintain or repair?

Thanks to our vast experience of working with artificial playing surfaces, we are well positioned to carry out important works on a number of different pitches and grounds for a variety of sports.

  • Football pitch. Most players use specialised trainers for use on artificial grass, which feature softer studs to minimise damage to the ground. However, some players may use regular studs which can rip and tear the surface of the pitch, and over time, even the softer studs can damage the fibres.
  • Rugby grounds. As a high impact game, rugby can see multiple hard impacts onto the floor which can easily cause decompaction or damage to the synthetic fibres.
  • Cricket fields. Whilst it's not as high impact as either of the previous sports, there is still a lot of movement involved in cricket, which can wear down and deteriorate your synthetic sports pitch.
  • MUGAs. Multi Use Games Areas often need more work to keep on top of than other sports pitches. As they're not designated for a single sport, a variety of footwear will inevitably be used on them which can lead to damage to your synthetic grass.

Those are just a small selection of the surfaces we can work with. As we ensure to keep our technology and processes at the cutting edge of the industry, we are uniquely positioned to ensure that we can carry out repair and maintenance on almost any pitch.