3G, Artificial Rugby Pitch Construction

CLS Sports are amongst the UK's leading specialists of 3G rugby pitch design and construction. Our 3G synthetic surfaces meet the necessary World Rugby regulations and provide many benefits to rugby clubs. We have installed 3G artificial turf surfaces for a large number of schools, sports centres and larger professional facilities, and they all reap the advantages of this modern technology.

3g, artificial Rugby Pitch Construction


3G rugby pitches provide many advantages as they comprise a performance shockpad, 50/65mm monofilament or fibrillated fibre carpet which comes with a sand and rubber infill. Synthetic turf for this sport allows safety for players during games and training, due to its shockpad and infilled carpet. When compared to real grass, artificial turf also heavily reduces maintenance time and cost as there's no need for typical groundskeeping duties. Not only this, but 3G pitches also keep a high quality, professional appearance all year round. It's often difficult to keep real grass pitches pristine in rugby, however, synthetic turf provides a better pitch appearance with no worn out or muddy areas. What's more, fake turf means there's no need for pesticides or other treatments usually used on real grass.

Artificial pitches for rugby offer a lot to low-league and professional level clubs. Our 3G rugby pitch design meets the World Rugby regulations meaning it falls in line with the playing characteristics. This is due to the turf fibres and infill which imitate real grass, holding the turf upright.

Why Choose CLS Sports?

At CLS Sports we have over 20 years' experience designing and constructing 3G rugby pitches for sports clubs of all levels. We offer a full package solution to all our clients and can meet a range of requirements without outsourcing to anyone else. We can handle all aspects of synthetic turf construction including drainage, base works, shockpad installation, artificial turf installation, fencing, floodlighting and other associated landscaping works if needed.

No matter what level your rugby club, we can design and deliver a pitch and surrounding facility which meets your requirements.

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