Natural Sports Pitch Drainage Installation

CLS Sports are leading specialists in the installation of sports pitch drainage. Whether you have naturally slow draining clay soil, water rising from below, excess run-off from adjoining or higher ground, excessive thatch or capping; CLS Sports can install a drainage solution to solve the problem.

Our highly experienced teams install sustainable, innovative solutions using the latest machinery and equipment. We ensure all our plant is fitted with low ground pressure tyres to keep surface damage to the minimum possible level.

CLS specialise in the installation of a number of drainage solutions for natural turf pitches. These include:

Primary Sports Pitch Drainage

To remove excess water from an area the use of perforated land drainage pipes are the most common solution. The correct piping size, trench width and the spacing between drain runs are all important considerations that must be made in order to achieve the best results. 

Lateral Drainage Installation

At CLS Sports we install lateral drainage systems using specialist trenchers at 3-10 meter centres depending on the pitch and clients requirements. AFT Whiz Wheels and laser guided equipment are then used to install the drainage pipes and ensure an even fall. Spoil is directly elevated into trailers to avoid any surface contamination and ensures a smooth and efficient process. The trenches are then back filled accurately with the appropriate aggregate for the system using placement hoppers filled by gravel carts. All systems are connected into an appropriate outfall, attenuation area or soakaway via a silt trap. 

Primary Sports Pitch Drainage Installation

Secondary Sports Pitch Drainage

In many cases, primary drainage schemes rarely give the speed of drainage required by today’s athletes on their own. Consequently there is sometimes a need for secondary systems to be installed over the lateral system to aid the movement of water. These secondary systems are usually installed at 90to the primary system and allow the water to move more quickly into the lateral drains.

Secondary Sports Pitch Drainage Installation

Gravel Banding

Using specialist equipment CLS Sports are able to install gravel or sand bands in one continuous operation. Slits are generally installed at 500mm centres and the 25 - 35mm wide bands can be installed at depths between 100mm and 350mm. This operation is a cost-effective and efficient secondary system that has unsurprisingly become particularly popular with professional and amateur clubs alike.

Sand Grooving and Sand Banding

Sand grooving provides a more intensive series of surface drains compared to gravel/sand banding and is widely used to help aid drainage in areas that receive heavy usage. 20mm wide grooves at 250mm centres are installed using a vibrating tine system and sand is fed immediately into the slot created. The groove depth can be installed between 100mm and 225mm depth depending on ground conditions and the depth of the drainage aggregate in the primary system. As well as adding sand to the surface the ground breaker element of the machine helps ease surface compaction. With this operation no spoil is removed and there is very little surface disturbance.

Secondary Sports Pitch Drainage Installation

Sand Slitting

Sand slitting or slit trench drainage is one of the most common secondary drainage systems. 50mm wide trenches with depths from 250mm to 500mm are installed using a whizz wheel fitted with the appropriate teeth. Slits are trenched at 90to the lateral drains and all spoil is elevated directly into a trailer. A layer of gravel is then installed into the trench, followed by sand.

Koro Top Draining

Utilising the multifunctional Koro-Top Drain Machine 40mm wide sand slits are installed at 500mm centres, at a depth of between 150mm and 250mm. This operation excavates the trenches, removes the spoil, injects sand directly into the slits and re-compacts the surface in one continuous operation. This is a fast and efficient operation that limits surface contamination and complements existing primary drainage systems. 

If you are looking for cost-effective and efficient sports pitch drainage systems, then look no further. Get in touch with our team of experts today.