Campey Turf Care Dakota 440 Towed

The Dakota 440 is a large capacity, highly versatile top dresser &  material handler. It will handle both wet and dry material allowing light to heavy dressing and can be loaded with a 1.8m wide tractor bucket.

It features  accurate and easy to operate calibration with no manual adjustment, all from the vehicle mounted control panel. The 440 has 4 x 20” Supa Trac turf tyres on independent floating beam axles,  large capacity  hopper, front mounted side conveyor &  spreading width up to 13m wide via the dual spinner discharge system. Full electric / hydraulic controls.

Hopper Depth1000 mm
Hopper Width1780 mm
Hopper Length2540 mm
Tractor Requirements40 hp minimum
Hopper Load Height2000 mm
Spreading Width3500-13000 mm
Hopper Capacity3.25 m3
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