Campey Turf Care Koro by Imants 2500 Fieldtopmaker

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The FIELDTOPMAKER® 2000 is a heavy-duty fraise mower, for removing unwanted surface matter such as poa-annua, thatch, weeds or the entire surface to a depth of 50mm. A side arm conveyor removes debris directly into a trailer, leaving a level, even surface.

The FIELDTOPMAKER® 2000 is designed for sports turf applications like football & rugby pitches, turf farms, etc. Several new, optional rotors allow the FIELDTOPMAKER® 2000 to be used for a variety of different surface renovations, including scarifying, surface planing, brushing and the cleaning out of organic matter from fibrereinforced pitches. The elevator folds flat for transport.


Scarifying Blade Spacing3mm blades (at 34mm spacing)
Number of Scarifying Blades148
Number of Digging Blades80
Tractor Requirements540 pto. 40ltr/min hydraulic flow. 2 x double acting spool.
Width3000 mm
Operating Speed0-3.7 mph
Power Requirements95-120 hp
Weight1955 Kg
Working Depth0-50 mm
Working Width2500 mm
Optional AccessoriesMid mounted roller (required on undulating ground)
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