Campey Turf Care Koro By Imants Top Drain 1500

The TopDrain 1500 is a unique multi-functional machine that trenches, removes spoil, injects sand and re-compacts all in one operation.

Designed for sports fields and golf course fairways, the TopDrain benefits include; material and labour savings, faster processing times and less surface contamination than conventional methods. The sand grid created by the TopDrain complements existing drainage systems.

Operating Speed0 - 1.8 mph
Optional AccessoriesExtended side conveyor and hopper vibrator.
Tractor Requirements540 pto. 2 x double, 1 x single spool, 12v plug.
Weight3300 Kg
Power Requirements95hp Creep gear.
Blade Spacing500 mm
Number of Blades3
Working Width1500 mm
Working Depth15 - 225 mm
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