Heras Stormguard

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Heras Stormguard is a freestanding stabilisation system, designed to provide additional windloading support, for use with Heras mesh and hoarding products.

Heras Stormguard is perfect for sites that are susceptible to high winds, such as open spaces, cliff tops and sea walls as it provides extra wind resistance. The Stormguard system has been tested with both mesh and hoarding systems, and can withstand up to 100mph winds with mesh and up to 70mph winds on hoarding.

This unique strut system is used with feet or blocks that help the overall stabilisation.

This product can withstand wind speeds upto 100mph for mesh and 70mph for hoarding. CLS Selfdrive can provide wind loading advice and calculations to help you choose the right system for your site and this can determine the number of feet or blocks required. For site specific calculations please enquire about this product.


  • Zero trip foot
  • Support tub
  • Block tray
  • Top stabiliser
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