Iseki TG6370 IQ Compact Tractor

Iseki’s TG Series sets the benchmark for compact tractor performance. Designed and manufactured in Japan, the TG Series is built to exceptional standards of quality; starting from the front lights through to the back three-point linkage. Every component, including the engine and transmission, features Iseki’s stamp of approval for quality and excellence that is rarely seen in the mini tractor market.

The TG6370 features an IQ dual clutch transmission that offers the control of a manual with the convenience of an automatic. There are 8 main gears and 3 ranges. Gears are changed by simply moving the gear lever through the straight shift gate. If ‘D’ is selected then gears 4-8 are operated automatically - ideal for roadwork or towing.

The TG6370 has a front loader joystick, draft control, up stop PTO and linkage up in reverse.

Tractor Specification
Height Over Cab2290 mm
Height Over ROPS2585 mm
Rear Linkage Type3-Point Hitch
Fuel Tank40 l
Length3195 mm
Weight With Cab1645 Kg
Weight With ROPS1550 Kg
Power26.6 kW
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