John Deere JD5620

The John Deere 5620 is designed to do a wide variety of jobs and is built to withstand the rigours of everyday work without any compromises.

Its light weight, compact design with low overall height enables this versatile tractor to be used in many different farming applications.

With a small turning radius, the manoeuvrability of this tractor is greatly improved, meaning getting in and out of confined areas is easy.

The efficient 72hp engine has lowered fuel consumption and a large fuel tank enabling this tractor to operate longer without having to refuel as often. 

Tractor Specification
Width2175 mm
Payload2550 Kg
Maximum Permissible Weight6100 Kg
Length3950 mm
Height2545 mm
Shipping Weight3550 Kg
Power72 hp
01642 488 328