Kilworth Green Climber LV500

The Green Climber LV500 is a remote-controlled mower which has been specially developed for working on slopes up to 60o. Stability is ensured by rubber tracks which are hydraulically extendable from 1300mm to 1700mm wide. The Green Climber can traverse terrain that would be inaccessible to conventional driven machinery.

The mower is designed and built for constant use in harsh conditions and has 400mm of hydraulic side shift to assist with cutting up close to trees and fencing.

Our mower comes with a flail mower as standard however other attachments including power harrow, trencher, snow blower, snow plough, sweeper and hedge cutter are also available for hire. 

Maximum Working Gradient60 Degrees
Width1300 mm
Height1050 mm
Length1980 mm
Weight1210 Kg
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