Laser-Grader 106-P-CE

The Laser-Grader® 106-P Model is the ideal machine for close tolerance grading providing unmatched precision in the construction market, increasing productivity and profitability. In enclosed spaces the machine can grade up to 2323m2 a day and in open spaces 4646m2.

The Laser-Grader® reduces preparation time, labour and materials on fine grading jobs and equipped with a Trimble Control Package can eliminate the use of stakes, grade rods and continuous checking of the finished grade.

It is perfectly suited to sports pitch constructions where tollerences of +/- 3mm can be achieved. It is the answer to many of the problems associated with non-uniformity, uneven surfaces and drainage issues.

Moldboard Height300 mm
Moldboard Width1820 mm
Front Pusher Blade Width1520 mm
Width1210 mm
Height2190 mm
Length3810 mm
Weight1500 Kg
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