Marshall ST2550 Tanker

The robust design and huge carrying capacity of the Marshall ST2550 Tanker ensures it can tackle the most demanding jobs.

The is the largest LGP tanker in the Marshall range with a massive carrying capacity and the benefit of cut out mudguards to accommodate larger tyres. The 750/60 - 30.5 tyre provides fantastic floatation on soft ground and significantly reduces the damage done to the ground by the tanker.

The tanker has an integral chassis design to reduce stress on the tank and is constructed from 6mm steel.

The ST2550 is fitted with hydraulic brakes and high-level dual lights, which are fully integrated. This ensures it is safe to operate and complies with all current health and safety legislation. The swivel type drawbar hitch is also fitted to reduce hitch wear and help protect the tractor operator in the event of a tanker rollover.

The tank is also fitted with a standard 6” side valve that is interchangeable with another rear mounting position, allowing flexibility when loading. The standard 10000L Hertell pump provides quick and efficient loading of the tanker, while combining reliability and durability.

Hose Diameter152 mm
Tank Thickness6 mm
Volume11600 l
Weight (unladen)4140 Kg
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