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Bulk Earthworks, Drainage Installation, Natural Sports Pitch Construction, Hard and Soft Landscaping

CLS Sports were appointed by Wolverhampton City Council to redevelop the derelict Barnhurst Lane area into 9 natural sports pitches. The site was a total of 105,000m2  - one of CLS Sports biggest natural pitch construction projects to date.  

Barnhurst Lane Natural Sports Pitch Construction
Barnhurst Lane Drainage Installation
Barnhurst Lane redevelopment

The project started with a thorough site clearance of vegetation, trees, walls and debris from what was the remains of a Victorian sewage treatment plant. A cut and fill formation was then carried out to level the area. The geology of the site then proved to be a significant challenge due to the high sand, silt and stone content. The whole site therefore had to be treated using a Kirpy stone crusher and the installation of drainage involved the use of specialist machinery.

Two ponds and one detention basin were constructed along with the installation of 21,000m of drainage. A secondary drainage system comprising of 65,000m of Koro top drain slits were also installed to aid drainage as the topsoil was prone to water retention due to its high silt content. Swales and weirs where also installed for water attenuation. A massive 65,000m2 were then cultivated, pre-fertilised, seeded and maintained until fully established.

Many environmental issues had to be considered within this project and monthly ecology reports were undertaken. Great lengths were taken to protect the local wildlife and ecosystems.

Along with the pitch works, we also constructed fencing, mosaic perimeter paths, an access road and a 100 bay car park. Amenity areas were also landscaped with windflowers and trees.

The finished facility now benefits the adjacent school, local sports clubs and the general public.

Barnhurst Lane
Barnhurst Lane
Barnhurst Lane
Barnhurst Lane
Barnhurst Lane
Barnhurst Lane Sports Pitches