Natural Turf and 3G Pitch Constructions 

The redevelopment of Colliers Park saw CLS Sports deliver two state-of-the-art natural turf pitches and a FIFA quality accredited 3G pitch for the Welsh FA at their new national football development centre.

Pitch 1 is a Fibresand reinforced surface and hosts the Welsh national first team training. The construction involved an earthworks operation before a central crown drainage system was installed. A gravel carpet was then laid below a medium-fine sand layer and a rootzone layer with 0.8% polypropylene fibres.

Pitch 2, which lies end to end with Pitch 1, has a 1:100 gradient along the line of play and features a gravel blanket, a layer of medium fine sand and a topsoil layer. Sand slit drains were then installed to allow surface water to drain into the underlying gravel layer.

A fully automated irrigation system was also installed to both natural turf pitches.

Alongside Pitch 1 and 2 is the 3G pitch construction which features a Lano MSXi TLT50 surface and is FIFA quality accredited.

A sustainable 120m3 gravel soakaway was installed outside the impermeable layer of colliery waste lying beneath the surface of most of the site. With the capacity to cope with a once-in-a-century storm, it ensures the site is prepared for every eventuality.

Completing the project was the installation of; a 150-seat grandstand, a 75-seat grandstand, 3 bespoke camera gantries, perimeter pathways, soft landscaping and a maintenance yard complete with recycling wash bay.

Colliers Park showcases CLS Sports ability to deliver both natural and synthetic pitch installations to world class standards. The Welsh FA now have exceptional facilities, offering both professionals and members of the community an exciting, professional place to enjoy football.