Bulk Earthworks, Civil Engineering, Land Drainage and Attenuation, Hard and Soft Landscaping

This project involved the construction of a new urban park in 2.83 ha of brown field land in Grove Hill, Middlesbrough. A significant amount of earthworks, civil engineering, landscaping and environmental works were required in order to regenerate the area that was previously terraced housing. 

The development of the park was funded by the Grove Hill Joint Venture, an innovative partnership between Middlesbrough Council and Erimus Housing with additional funding from the Environment Agency.

A major element of the project focused on enhancements to a stretch of Marton West Beck. The beck; previously hidden within a deep concrete channel was opened up as a naturalised feature to enhance the park environment. Due to the cementitious nature of the beck channel, all works had to be controlled in a very strict manner. Pecking and breaking screens where used along with filtration dams to ensure the water was not contaminated.

The new alignment of the river was constructed with several meanders to maximise ecological benefits and shelves along the river bank were also excavated to allow for marginal plants to flourish, creating aquatic habitats. Attenuation ponds, large attenuation basins and beck overflow areas were also modelled into the landscape to alleviate and ease flood impacts in the area. Once these earthworks had been completed top soil was then imported and applied to the area ahead of the seeding operation.

Over 2970m2 of new foot-ways and cycle-ways where constructed throughout the park, along with the installation of new street lighting and street furniture.