Civil Engineering

In order to utilise an unused area of Overfields Primary School, CLS were appointed to construct a new car park and associated fencing. 

Firstly, the topsoil was stripped and all site vegetation removed, along with the existing footpaths, kerbs and boundary fencing. Once the site was cleared the area was then excavated to formation level. Pre-cast concrete kerbs were laid into concrete foundations along with drainage channel kerbing.

A full surface water drainage system was installed and all existing man hole covers and inspection chambers were adjusted and finished to the new pavement levels.

The car park formation consisted of a geotextile layer, a 250mm layer of Type 3 open graded unbound sub base material and a two-layer macadam surface to meet EN13108-1 standards. The finished surface was then demarcated with a white thermoplastic material.

Block paving perimeter footpaths were installed in a herringbone pattern along with bird’s mouth fencing to separate the car park and pedestrian areas. Wire mesh security fencing was also installed to the external perimeter of the car park.